Hutton Care Partnership

Supporting Progess Realising Potential

   Sep 09


We at Hutton seek to continuously improve and adapt our services and practices in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our young people. We will achieve this goal through continual Quality Assurance, monitoring by the management team and senior members of the staff team, feedback from the staff team, feedback sought from third party agencies, such as leaving care teams etc, and through information given to us at monthly housemate feedback sessions, and via weekly housemate meetings.

Partnership Working

As our name implies, our service provision is structured around the principle of partnership working and, as such, its flexibility is designed to accommodate the aims and objectives of individual pathway plans and performance indicators.

All those with whom we work in partnership; leaving care teams, social services, therapeutic support workers, youth offending team workers, educational support workers, medical support staff, specialist practitioners etc.; are encouraged to offer feedback regarding any aspect of our service and are aware of our “open door” policy regarding feedback and complaints.

Supported Accommodation

HCP provides supported accommodation for young people, 16 plus.  HCP projects offer 24 hour professional staff support which are managed by a qualified management team with extensive experience in working with care leavers and young people.


Outreach support is an additional service offered to both former and non housemates alike and is available and assessed on an individual basis.

Therapeutic Services

A range of counselling and psycho-therapeutic support packages are available to each young person placed with HCP at the maximum rate of three sessions per week.  Sessions are available both at and away from the Project either at a practice centre, or if required, in a neutral centre organised by HCP.  For sessions taking place away from the Project, young people are offered the option to be accompanied to any or all sessions by a member of our staff team who can drop them off, wait for the session to end or will, if requested, attend the session with the young person.


Personal Progression through Work & Lifeskills

All young people placed at HCP are offered the opportunity to work towards and achieve nationally recognised NVQ Qualifications.  We facilitate learning from Level 1 to Level 3 ad young people can continue completing the awards should they progress to our Outreach Services.

These NVQ’s are designed to develop skills for successful daily living, using community facilities, and using leisure time efficiently and taking part in enterprising activities amongst many other things such as CV’s and seeking employment .  To see the awards in more detail please visit City and Guilds website.

Other NVQ’s available from Levels 1 – 3 are:

Award and Certificate in Employability and Personal Development (7546)
Awards and Certificates in Personal and Social Development (7577)

Life Skills Training

An individually, tailor made, fully comprehensive five stage Life Skills Programme designed to cover key areas of development ranging from sexual and mental health, through to budgeting, shopping and cooking, etc. forms a cornerstone of the service offered by HCP to each of the young people placed within our Projects.  Each stage of the Programme offers quiz / incentive based reflective sessions designed to identify knowledge learned and areas requiring additional work.

Key Working Sessions- LSP

Each young person placed with HCP is offered a minimum of four individually, tailor made sessions from their Life Skills Programme per week with a report on each session compiled by the member of staff undertaking the session.

Key Working Sessions- Non-LSP

Each young person placed with HCP is offered support via structured Key Working Sessions on an issue or needs led basis.