Hutton Care Partnership

Supporting Progess Realising Potential

   Sep 09


HCP offers a range of 24 hour staffed residential projects.  Each project is decorated and furnished to a high standard and the employment of a dedicated maintenance team ensures that each project is consistently well maintained.

Each project contains a fully functional, contemporary kitchen/diner or kitchen and dining room, a large cooker, a microwave oven, a number of fridge freezers, with a chest freezer available for extra storage space, a kettle, a toaster, several pan sets, a vegetable steamer, a sandwich maker, all relevant cooking utensils, a selection of cutlery sets and dinner services, full laundry facilities, multiple bathrooms containing a mixture of baths and showers, etc. and a communal living area complete with internet access, television and DVD player.  Each project is decorated in a tasteful and neutral fashion thus avoiding any semblance of institutionalisation and creating a relaxing space that refuses to promote any particular influence or style.  Externally, each project offers a garden area which housemates are encouraged to both use and offer suggestions as to design.

Each individual bedroom is furnished with a single bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, single or double wardrobe, bookshelf or case, desk (space permitting), and reading lamp.  All bedrooms are fitted with a master suite lock and each HCP housemate is provided with a key to their own bedroom.  All of the bedrooms, in keeping with the rest of the project, are tastefully and neutrally decorated, and each housemate is offered the opportunity to decorate their own bedroom, supported by members of the staff team, after a period of three months.

Each Project has its own dedicated office complete with sleeping provision for one member of staff; each communal living area doubles as a second staff sleeping area.