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Hutton Care Partnership (HCP) provide safe, structured and positively supported home environments for young people aged 16 plus, in which they can work through that all-important, and sometimes challenging, transition from dependent to independent living. To facilitate this, we utilise keyworkers and key working sessions, one-to-one and group activities, monthly reports and assessments, as well as other resources, tools and services to provide a comprehensive service to the young people that we support.

Established since 2004, we currently work with Local Authorities in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire and accept referrals from local authorities nationwide.

As our name implies, our service provision is structured around partnership working. We pride ourselves on being a progressive, needs led organisation and endeavour to form new partnerships with voluntary, private and statutory organisations, in order to promote the best possible outcomes for the young people with whom we support.

Our Core Aims

  1. Provide 24 hour, secure and safe, supported accommodation to young people aged 16 plus in the transition from dependent to independent living, via our Life Skills Programme.
  2. Promote a healthy lifestyle in which staying safe and well is paramount.
  3. Promote the notion that making a positive contribution, achieving and enjoying are often synonymous.
  4. Promote the goal of economic well-being.
  5. Promote the ideals of freedom and choice.
  6. Promote the right to respect, privacy, dignity and a sense of security.
  7. Develop self-worth.
  8. Offer and facilitate online learning and development.
  9. Promote positive informed lifestyle choices.
  10. Provide a spectrum of alternatives in order that each individual housemate might explore their opportunities.

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