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Group Activities

We offer a minimum of two group activities per week, organised and risk assessed by a full-time member of our staff team, carried out on ratios of no more than five young people to each member of our staff team.

Each activity is fully Risk Assessed in conjunction with both our Risk Assessment System and the individual Risk Assessments of each Housemate taking part.

All activities are planned in consultation with our Housemates, usually at their monthly Housemate’s Meetings.

These weekly activities are complemented by an annual larger activity open to all Projects, also decided upon in the housemate meetings.

One to One Activities

Due to the individualized nature of a housemates Person Centred Transition Plan, and the premium placed on an appreciation of the individual as an individual by HCP, and in keeping with company policy, we tailor make incentives for progress around the particular interests of each of our young people. For example, a member of the staff team recently accompanied one of our young people on a day to watch his favourite football team play in London as a reward for exceptional progress.

A Healthy Option

We at HCP promote a healthy lifestyle in a non-smoking, drug and drink free environment which includes the provision of free access to a pay as you go Gym, with the option of members of the staff team to accompany young people on visits.

In addition to having established links to various sporting clubs including football, boxing and karate, we actively promote healthy eating via supervised shopping trips, Health Education Key Working Sessions within the Life Skills Programme.

All of our young people are registered with the doctor’s, dentist and optician and are supported by staff team members in attending and making appointments at these or other health care providers if requested.